What is Chiropractic Care?
Chiropractic is one of the alternative forms
of health care that focuses on the spine
and nervous system. All the nerves that
control your body pass through the spinal
column, which comprised of 24 moveable
joints. Your nervous system controls how
you move and how you feel. The purpose
of chiropractic is to maintain the lines of
communication between the body’s organs
and tissues by maintaining proper
alignment of spine column. These spinal
joints can become misaligned as a result of
daily stress, sports or auto injuries, poor
posture, improper lifting, or even a
vigorous squeeze. These misalignments  
may create a malfunction of the spine and
weakens muscles, ligaments. The irritated
nerve also interfers flow of nerve
transmission to organs and tissue
throughout your body.  As a result, your
body’s vital systems can malfunction,
including your immune system.

By reducing the irritation, human body can
maintain more balanced and healthy
function. Chiropractic treatment typically
consists of gentle adjustment of your spine
or joints to restore spinal integrity.
What is  the most common conditions your
chiropractic Doctor treat?
Chiropractic Care
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Physiotherapy such as interferential and therapeutic massage may improve health without using fit
your lifestyle. Your chiropractors also provide patient education and instructions regarding disease
prevention, health promoting exercise, proper diet and lifestyle modifications.
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