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Yang Health Center
Chinese Acupuncture and Spine Care
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After suffering from severe back spasm, I tried the new expience of acupuncture.  It not only made me feel better,
but made me believe that pain can be harnessed.  Nothing that I experienced with Dr. Yang was unpleasant.  A
completely satisfying experience.  Recommend 100%

Teresa Hobbs (Sinus Infection, Common Cold, Low Back Pain, Menopause, Heart Palpitations)

My name is Teresa Hobbs. I have been a patient of Yang Health Center for 9 years. My chiropractor sent me
to Dr. Yang for lower back pain. Treatments have not only helped with back pain but also with sinus
infections, sore throats, menopause, and most of all heart palpitations. Dr Yang was very patient and
persistent with regulating my heart! Only after a check up with my doctor to make sure there was not a
serious heart problem. Unlike some acupunctures, Dr. Yang works with all patients with individual care. Not
just 20 or 30 minutes and you are done. She works toward getting you well . Sometimes it might require a
few visits buy always well worth it!  I enthusiast recommend Dr. Yang and Yang Health Center.

Chris from Reelsville   (Skin, Fatigue, Back Pain, Heart Palpitation)

I have only been coming to the Yang Health Center for a short time but have already experienced many
improvements. I came for help with my skin and now have less back pain and also am able to breathe deeper.
I have found Wei-Chen Yang to be very friendly, knowledgeable and always takes time to answers my question.

Jessica Buescher from Indianapolis, IN  (Shoulder, Back Pain)

I was having severe pain in my shoulder and back.  It even hurt to breathe.  I called Dr. Yang on a Thursday night
and was able to get in the next day.  Dr. Yang was very professional and explained the acupuncture and cupping
process.  My two year old son was also with me who she tended to during my session. The session was very
relaxing and I could feel the pain alleviating throughout my body.  Once the session was finished, I was able to fully
stand up, move my shoulder, and take in a full breath without sharp piercing pain.  A few days after the treatment I
followed Dr. Yang's instructions to drink plenty of water and gentle exercise.  It has been three weeks since my
visit and my shoulder feels fantastic.  There is absolutely NO PAIN!  I highly recommend Dr. Yang's service to
anyone who has had to traditional chiropractic care or even newcomers.  I will certainly follow up with Dr. Yang if I
suffer problems in the future.

Nancy Circle   (Low Back Pain)

I suffered an injury to a disk in my back several years ago.  A few weeks ago, this old injury was aggravated. It was
discomfort to sit, stand, or walk because of the pain. My Neurologist suggested I try acupuncture.
I have had several treatments with Dr. Yang and my back pain was much better.  (No, the acupuncture needles do
not hurt!) I found the treatments relaxing and Dr. Yang is very concerned with the patient’s treatment. I am feeling
much better – thank you, Dr. Yang.

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